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New Article! "Skiers vs Bighorn Sheep"

This article by Kelsey Dayton was recently published in the January 2016 issue of "Wyoming Wildlife" magazine. The National Bighorn Sheep Center believes it's message is timely and important.

Disease Alert for Whiskey Basin Bighorns
Update: March 8, 2016

Good news. Recent reports from local wildlife management agencies say that little evidence of the orf virus outbreak remains. It appears that the virus has run its course with no long-term detrimental effects. Hooray!

Original report: Several bighorn sheep in the Whiskey Basin area of Wyoming have recently been displaying symptoms of an orf viral outbreak, also known as contagious ecthyma. This virus causes crusty, scabby lesions on the lips and noses of bighorn sheep and is extremely contagious among the sheep. Caution: the orf virus may also be transmitted to humans, so sheep or any other animals showing these symptoms should never be handled! On a better note, the disease is usually self-limiting and most animals recover on their own. Should anyone observe bighorn sheep with scabby lesions similar to those pictured here, please notify the National Bighorn Sheep Center. We would like to know when and where you saw the affected animals and their gender if known. Thank you, your co-operation is greatly appreciated. More information on the orf virus is available here.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram with lesions caused by the orf virus Bighorn Ewe showing lesions caused by the orf virus

Photo of ram in Whiskey basin by Bruce S. Thompson on 12/16/15
Photo of ewe in Whiskey Basin by Nick Dobric on 12/12/15

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Lamb
Photo by Michael P. Flaherty
Adult Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram
Photo by Jeff Vanuga
Closeup of a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ewe
Photo by Michael P. Flaherty

What is a bighorn sheep?

Our Mission:

The National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Association is dedicated to educating the public about the biology and habitat needs of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and to encouraging the active stewardship of wildlife and wild lands.

Our Interpretive Center features dioramas with full-scale taxidermy mounts that recreate the bighorns habitat, interactive exhibits about wildlife management and special adaptations of wild sheep, and wildlife films the whole family will enjoy.

Bronze Bighorn Ram at the National Bighorn Sheep Center, Dubois


10 Bighorn Lane, just off the main street in beautiful Dubois, Wyoming.

Look for our big bronze ram "Ram Country".


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